Une photographie fresque de Nathalie Hannecart et Mélanie Patris

Analog photography in 2 pieces - entire image is 5 meters on 2.  (

From the meeting of our stories and photographic universes is born the desire to wonder about the interiority and the spaces of conscious and unconscious freedom vis-a-vis the traumas of the life.

The self-portraits of the two photographers, the juxtaposition, the superposition, the mix-media work are the references to the palimpseste and the sacred being. 


With this installation, it’s important for us that the public understand that all the stories that are in us are sacred and make us to be as we are. Just accepting ourselves as part of the world. All the layers that when scratched reveal other times, other stories and the form given to the staging is evoquing a sacred place, as our corps have to be. 


The play between the first reading and all those which come after, which both reveal and erase, also open, in the photograph, to the questions of temporality and the passage to that of the feminine and that of the body, in its materiality and its relation to space, as well as to the relation to the other or to the absence of the other.

The entire work offers a kind of wavering between strangeness and familiarity where the porosity of the borders between the images and the inside and the outside shows.


As in the poetic game, the photographs are transformed in contact with others into a larger whole to be questionned. The multiple approaches of the themes that animate us make us think that the game at work here is an intertextual nature, in the manner of what Kristeva describes: "[T]out texte se construit comme mosaïque de citations, tout texte est absorption et transformation d’un autre texte”("Every text is built as a mosaic of quotations, everything text is absorption and transformation of another text") (1969). Our work is multiple and impregnated with the work of the other, the others. In this network of images, a dynamic is setting up between the photos, and the accidents resulting from the processes are marked as a writing between the lines, a gap which brings another signifier.

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